By Max Papis Racing | April 14, 2010 at 3:05 pm

Papis dishes on air travel, facial hair and infidelity

By Raygan Swan, NASCAR.COM

New to NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series culture and native of Como, Italy, Max Papis answers this week’s pop culture questions.

1. If you could be a contestant on a game show which would it be?

Papis: I would definitely love to participate in a program like Survivor, because I love nature and I love to make things happen. It involves also a lot of physical activity which I like and you need to test your body, your mind and your attitude.

2. American Idol ratings are down over last season. What’s up with the talent this season?
Max Papis wants to replace Tom Cruise and wouldn’t mind Jimmie Johnson making an appearance in a remake of “Days of Thunder.”Papis: My wife Tatiana makes me watch American Idol every week and I must say that it’s a nice program even if it’s not one of my favorites. … If the ratings are down, it’s probably because people have other priorities to do during those hours especially after the crisis which has hit the United States.

3. It’s all in the name of safety and security, but what annoys you most about air travel?

Papis: Air travel is something that is part of my life. I would like to see how many miles I travel each year. What annoys me most is when people put their seats back at the maximum leaving no space for who is behind.

4. Apparently we care to know why celebrities, namely Brad Pitt, won’t shave the facial fluff off his face. A few NASCAR drivers this season are sporting the scruff as well. Do or don’t?

Papis: I think people can do whatever they want with their facial fluff, some people look good and some don’t. Of course when you look at Brad Pitt everyone may think that if they grow some facial fluff they are going to look like him but instead they don’t. I just think that one should do as he feels. The important thing is that he likes himself but I also think that people should always look at themselves in the mirror and not in their rear view mirror.

5. It has been a few years since Hollywood put out a stock-car movie … give us a story line and star character.

Papis: I think that to make a Hollywood movie you can just take a camera and film the NASCAR garage at the races and there you can get all the ingredients. I don’t think you have to make up anything, everything is already there … Something that I would definitely put in the movie is a remake of the famous scene from Days of Thunder. But this time Max Papis, not Tom Cruise, comes in the Daytona garage with his Ducati and watching Jimmie Johnson testing and having the opportunity to get in the car and do a test myself going fast and at the end jumping out of the car with Jimmie saying: “OK, now find your own car.”

6. Infidelity is in the news again and it’s not Tiger this time. Should Sandra Bullock give Jesse James a second chance?

Papis: I don’t believe that anyone who is a cheating spouse should have a second chance because when you are married it’s a lifetime obligation and it’s a decision you have made for your life. You need to work on it every day. I personally believe that if someone has decided to cheat or even is thinking about it he shouldn’t deserve to be married and shouldn’t be married.




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