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MOORESVILLE, NC (April 19, 2011) – Widely regarded as one of the most versatile racecar drivers in the world, ‘Mad’ Max Papis is excited to announce his association with Polar (, the leader in heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment technologies. 

 Being an avid cyclist and fitness enthusiast, Papis has always paid close attention to his physical training in order to perform at his best level. Motorsports can be as physically demanding as any other endurance sport, and being able to maximize the performance at the track means that Max’s training needs to be precise. Papis has used Polar Pro 5 software to transfer data to his coach at Carmichael Training Systems to closely monitor and analyze his workouts and fitness. As part of the partnership with Polar, Mad Max will record his heart rate during his races in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series to give the fans an idea of what it takes to be a top driver. He will also have training videos at the gym and on his bike so fans, young drivers, and the public will be able to follow his workouts and learn the benefits of heart rate training.

 “I’m really proud and excited about my association with Polar for several reasons,” said Papis. “I’ve been a great fan of Polar products since I was a young kid. I remember using the first heart monitor system back in Italy when I was about 17 years old and I kept track of my heart rate since my early training in Formula 3 and Formula 1 racing. It is an honor to have the support of a leading company in the training business, and I’m happy to be one of Polar’s athletes. I am looking forward to introducing to the general public what it takes to be a racecar driver and make all understand that you have to be an athlete before being a racecar driver. I want to take everyone at Polar and all Polar fans through my everyday routines and share with them what it takes to arrive at a level to be a top NASCAR driver.”

 “On a more technical side, it is definitely something that is going to help me, and understand where and how we can improve my training by monitoring my heart rate during the race, practice and testing,” added Papis. “Thanks to Polar, I feel this will be a great opportunity for me to get the most out of my body and enhance my overall condition. I’m looking forward to contributing to the research and development of new products both in my sport and as an amateur cyclist, in the cycling area as well. I would like to thank Spencer Lueders of Competition Counsel PLLC for bringing us together, and I’m looking forward to growing this relationship in the years to come.”

 “We are thrilled to be working with such a high caliber athlete and racecar driver, particularly one who has demonstrated a strong commitment to heart rate training and Polar,” said Jeff Padovan, president of Polar USA.  “From the technical side to the shared love of training and competing, there are tremendous synergies between Polar and Max.  We look forward to having Max as a Polar athlete and spokesperson.”

About Polar

Headquartered in Lake Success, NY, Polar USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Finland-based Polar Electro OY, which invented the first wireless heart rate monitor (HRM) in 1977.  Polar now operates internationally in more than 80 countries. Polar heart rate and fitness assessment technology delivers unparalleled insight into the human body from valuable training guidance and feedback, to enabling individuals to improve their fitness level and sports performance. Polar technology is key to the success of leading fitness facilities, athletic teams, corporate wellness facilities, health insurance providers and thousands of physical education programs around the world. Today, Polar training computers are the number one choice among consumers worldwide. For more information, visit

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is returning to action at Nashville (Tenn.) Superspeedway on Friday, April 22nd and Max Papis will be behind the wheel of the #9 GEICO Toyota Tundra, where he currently stands in the ninth position in the point standings.

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